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Villa Marta Hotel is a classic example of an 18th century Villa located in the city of Lucca. Its name comes from the last owner who lived here: Mrs Marta.

The hotel is located in a high and sunny position. Inside the complex there is a newer building, the dependance (the servants’ house), a huge garden from the nineteenth century with a combination of Mediterranean and exotic plants, a neo-classic chapel and a modern pool next to a welcoming green space.

Two converging staircases and the emblem of the Scatena family lead to the reception room. Today Villa Marta is decorated with elegant and comfortable furniture, some of which come from the family who built the house. The floor of the hall, covered with Tessieri tiles, the big French doors leading into the garden, and the frescos of one of the deluxe rooms, reveal that the Villa was built for hunting purposes. The ground floor, previously dedicated to the kitchens, is today the location of the Botton D’oro restaurant, where the main decorations are cotto tiles, serena stone, rafters and terracotta bricks.

The stunning park with magnolias, pines, camelias, palms and flower beds (boxes?) is divided in different areas.

In the past, the one in front of the main entrance, defined by columns with flowers on top, was destined to everyday life, while the rest of the park was dedicated exclusively to men's use. (to the use of the hunters)?

Opposite the main entrance there is still a consecrated neoclassic chapel with a ceiling of frescos enlightened by a starry sky.