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To enjoy your relaxing holiday, Villa Marta Hotel disposes of a special massages service. The service is not for free.

During the summer the body massage takes place in the open air, surrounded by the marvellous park, while during winter they take place in your room.

Typologies of massages:

  • Olive oil massage. A combination of vitamins A, E, D, to give to your skin brightness and elasticity.
  • Therapeutic aroma massage. Harmonizes your body, your mind and your spirit thanks to a manual treatment, olive oil and essential oils.
  • Relaxing massage of the vertebral column. It stretches your muscles and eliminates relaxing problems.
  • Anti stress massage. This massage is based on intensive techniques. It eliminates anxiety, rigidity and leads to a deep relaxation.
  • Anti contracture massage. It is perfect for specific part of the boy such as muscles that present contractures or rigidity coming from stress or posture.
  • Reflexology. It is based on the concept that there are some vital functions on our feet, with acupressure or manipulating some of these points harmonizes the corresponding parts of the body.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage. It acts on lymphatic circulation and on the inter cellular liquids, eliminating toxins.
  • Tuina. It is an oriental treatment parent. It harmonizes your state of mind thanks to a combination of operations to eliminate the block of muscles, block of energy or motivation.
  • Hawaiian massage. A deeply relaxing massage. In the past it was used by the Hawaiian shamans as a ritual after death. Your body will be spread with essential oils and will be massaged with wavy movements, performed with the internal part of the arms.
  • Gestalt massage. It is the art of the “Touch” focusing on the the physic, mental and spiritual part of the body.

For information and reservation please contact the reception. Massages last from 30 to 50 minutes.